Captain Marvel has been an character who hasn’t been present a lot thoughout the Marvel movies. But now she’s making her come back! Captain Marvel is going to be featured in the new Avengers End Game!! And she will be staring in her own movie, Captain Marvel! Now you all might be wondering… why Captain?! We already have Captain America! But there’s more to this Captain than you think.

cap marvel


Captain Marvel has many powers and abilities including Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and stamina; Energy projection and absorption and finally flight!!! She is going to come and save the universe with the Avengers using her amazing skills!! These skills came from her past as an Air Force pilot also She got her amazing powers from a huge explosion, and clearly the Avengers need her powers to fight off Thanos.


Captain Marvel is also considered the best female superhero ever and will hopefully live up to that name in her new movie!