Thousands of sci-fi & pop culture fans descended on Birmingham this weekend as MCM Comic Con returned to the city this year.

Some amazing guests from the Umbrella Acadamy & Game of Thrones also voice actors in included the legendary Charles Martinet who voices Mario from Nintendo, Pokémon's Veronica Taylor and The Legend of Zelda's Patricia Summerset.

Loads of amazing costumes form the likes of Jack Sparrow, Spideman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Shazam, Black Panther, Captian America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Loads of Harry Potters and even the Green Hornet! and the Impressive Star Wars entire cast (loads of them)

We were there trading as Official Geek Merch from a nice little corner, we enjoyed every minute meeting super fans and geeking out with superfans.

One of our favorite was a lengthy conversation with Deadpool regarding him, Deadpool 3, X-Force and even more interesting his version of what's going to happen in the upcoming Marvel Avengers Endgame... Very Interesting, but for another day


Thanks everyone for an enjoyable time