The new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game is a Pokémon like game out now! So, make sure you go to the app store after reading this and download it as soon as possible. You’ll be able to dive head first into the world of J.K. Rowling. The game doesn’t just include content from the Harry Potter films it also contains content from the Fantastic Beasts’ films.


A disaster has hit the Wizarding world, causing all kind of different magical things appearing in the muggle world from creatures to artefacts. Your quest begins in the Ministry of Magic as a new recruit of the Secrecy Task Force, a taskforce put together to find out what has happened to the wizarding world. As you explore the world, traces of magic will appear on the map on your phone. The traces of magic can be found all over the world, but in certain areas like parks, college campuses, monuments and more areas there will be significantly more magic around them. Your mission is to send back whatever you find that isn’t part of the muggle world and to keep whatever you find safe. As you return the magical things, you’ll gain rewards which are tracked in the registry. On your mission, you’ll need to use different spells which consume your energy. So, make sure to stop by the Inns which are spread around the muggle world. You’ll be able to pick up food and drink to replenish your energy for spells. You’ll come across different ingredients which you can use to brew various potions that will help you on your journey ahead.


There also Portals spread around the world, where you’ll get a chance to experience a 360-degree advanced AR of different wizarding world locations like the iconic Ollivander’s Wand Shop making the possibilities endless! Where you could end up on your journey? That’s not all you can do in the game! Through your journey you’ll get chances to test your skills at combat by visiting the Fortress which host the Wizarding Challengers. The challengers are multiplayer focused battles against terrifying foes within the wizarding world. Werewolves are hiding in the dead of night and the Death Eaters, the followers of he who shall not be named… Gather your friends and take on these fearsome threats and with your friends, you’ll be able to take on higher levelled foes, and by defeating them, you’ll gather rare items.


There’s a lot of freedom to develop your skills, you can choose from different magical professions and depending on your decisions you can benefit on your unique journey to your chosen profession. At the minute, there are three professions available Aurors, Magizoologists and Professors. The abilities you gain will help you in the Wizarding Challengers.

We will see you out there, good luck on your quest

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