Minecraft Earth is a new mobile game where you can create on the go on any flat service. Anywhere from the train to the library, you can create anywhere in the world! You can do this by using 3D holograms by looking at your phone. Whatever you choose to create, you'll be able to share your masterpieces with the world. You can meet up with friends and build your masterpieces together. You can even team up to go on adventures together.


We don't have much information on the adventures ahead, but with the stories Minecraft are creating for their other games, it must be something great.


That's not all which is coming from Minecraft!


They are also releasing a game called Minecraft Dungeons. It's a 2020 release, but it looks like it will be worth the wait. Minecraft is going head first into the dungeon crawler genre which I would have never thought that they would, and it actually looks terrific. If you're a big Minecraft fan, you will know what Mojang is but if not, it's the developer behind the original Minecraft game. They're coming back to do a Minecraft Dungeons game. The trailer for this game was released in E3, one of the most significant video game events in the world. The game features co-op play, an excellent feature for playing with friends. Its drops in and out up to four players and with that added feature there will be difficulty changes. What changes straight away depending on how many players are in a game at ones. No need to worry, though if you prefer to play alone as solo play is available. There are no specific classes you pick for the game. Instead, your powers depend on what gear you have equipped. You can become a classic tank class by wearing heavy armour, an archer type by equipping bow type weapons. Minecraft without mining or crafting, yes you read that right, Mojang thought the crafting would be too slow for a game like this. That doesn't mean the traditional crafting will be gone entirely from the game, you'll be able to put some of your crating abilities into your weapons.

We are not sure how that will work but it does sound good.

The dungeon is your oyster.

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