If that is true, where have you been?! You’ve been binge-watching the latest series of Game of Thrones, big mistake. If you’re still upset over the failed season, Rick and Morty is the best series for you to watch. Thinking about it, I can’t think of a bad episode, and there are three seasons out now and soon to be four in November. The cartoon everyone has been talking about and waiting for. One episode can go to a Mad Max looking world. To another episode, in a world run my Guinea pigs living in humans’ butts! Yeah, it’s weird, but it’s incredible.

If you’re a big VR fan as well, they’ve released a Rick and Morty game on PlayStation VR. They’ve also released a game called Trover Saves the Universe which is voiced by the same people who voiced Rick and Morty with the same out of this world humour.

If you are new to the series, you won’t know about what they did to their fans on April 1st a couple of years back. They released episode one of seasons 3 randomly on April 1st after two years of fans waiting, so it was amazing watching it, but everyone thought it was a prank till they found the episode, it was amazing!

The story follows, you guessed it Rick and Morty (4th wall break, this is going to be hard to explain) travelling to different dimensions and every dimension has its own Rick and Morty travelling. There are probably thousands of theories about this already made, so get reading! I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t explain who these people are; bird person, Jerry or The Devil. You’ll have to watch to find out! The series gets better with every episode, so if you haven’t watched where have you been?

Trapped in a Schrodinger box?! If so, I’m sorry, but you still should watch it.

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