Official Geek Merch #stayathome Survival Guide

Although many of us Gamers and Netflix & Chillers' have been training for this for years, we are still in a super strange times. The team at Official Geek Merch have compiled a #stayathome list of essential items & ideas to keep you fully entertained & smiling. Join the fun on Instagram or Facebook, say hello, sit back, relax we can get through this together. 

stayathomesurvival guide

Rick and morty slippers Spiderman backpack xbox playing cards
Put your feet up and relax in these super comfy oversized Rick & Morty Slippers. Wearing these will remind you not to go outside. Become evebody's friendly neighbour hood helper! You can use this backpack to drop off toilet rolls and other essential supplies to your vulnerable neighbours. When the Wifi drops out, Keep entertained with awesome Xbox Playing Cards in Collectors Tin. Play on your own or with a family member, loads of fun and least you look super cool.
star wars mugs batman light star trek wallet
We're British, so have another cup of tea! that should solve the problem. You can play the who's got the quickest lightsabre.  Now you have a bit of time, why don't you kit out your Mancave with this amazing Batman Batwing Desktop light. Time to promote your wallet, give it a good refresh and sort it out. Clear out those unused Blockbuster, Library & store cards that are not needed anymore.
BACK TO HOME SCHOOL BACKPACK the mandalorian Doctor Who
Grab the kids a new back Marvel Classic Comic "home school" backpack to keep all their homework. Get Disney + and start watching the new Star Wars The Mandalorian, Perfect time to Disney + & Chill. Doctor Who fans from across the world have come together online for a mass viewing of the first episode of the show's return, on the fifteenth anniversary of its first broadcast. A series of ''watch-alongs'' have been organised, with fans watching specific episodes at the same time as the show's creatives.
lounge sets minecraft  friends 
Seeing as your not allowed out why don't you lounge around in this super cool retro Sonic The Hedgehog Loung Set. Chill & Look Good If you can't go and play in the real world, Build your own on Minecraft. Have all the fun you want in groups of more than two. What a great time to prepare for the Friends Reunion Special (Hopefully not posponed) by watching the entire series of Friends, Great way to not be bored.